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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 12, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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residents were being allowed back into their homes are going in right now. all the residents in the affected area were told to get to skyline college today at noon. their identification was checked and they were given instructions how they would be allowed to return to their homes. while many were happy to go home, there were a lot of mixed emotions. >> a house. >> i know. very nice deck. now it's not there. >> now it's gone. >> reporter: she and her husband and three daughters are home. the girls tried to coax the rabbit out of its cage, out it's too terrified. their house was spare from flames. she has been frantic since her family escaped thursday night. >> look at my eyes. i move to hotelful it's like something mental limit i can't stay in one place. i want to move around. now you probably get one hour
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and a half of sleep during the whole night. >> reporter: the family is waiting for pg&e to turn on their gas and power. she needs to do laundry and get some sleep. >> reporter: are you going to be able to sleep tonight? >> i have my pill york yes. i can't wait until night i can sleep. >> reporter: this view from sky 7 shows the more than 100 residents being let back into their homes in stages. the only people allowed home to stay are those with green flags. teg teg pg&e crews were turning on gas and electricity. >> we have three kids. >> reporter: he is back in his home trying to make sure everything is ready for his family to join him. he is concerned his youngest girls have been traumatized about by the experience of running out of their house with
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flaming lighting up the sky. >> my biggest concern is my six-year-old. she hasn't been sleeping very good the last couple nights. small noises and different things. >> reporter: he wants to keep the girls away from the devastation and death down the street. they're too fragile to be exposed to scenes where their playground used to be. >> reporter: those residents who were green-flagged can stay home. those with yellow flags can only go back and get belong examination wait for further instructions. those residents whose homes have been red-tagged they have to wait until tomorrow. abc-7 news. >> carolyn: as tomas just mentioned residents of the 37 homes destroyed by fire were not allowed to return to their property today. they have been invited to a briefing tomorrow morning at the san bruno senior center next to
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the city park. the meeting begins at 10:00 in the morning. more now on the latest numbers from the tragedy. san bruno city officials confirmed two of the six people believed to be missing following the explosion have now been located. the official death toll stands at four with four others now listed as missing. the coroner says he is still trying to determine if some of the remains that have been found or human or animal. also today, pg&e confirmed the natural gas transmission line that exploded on thursday had been categorized high risk because it runs through a highly populated area. late this afternoon the public utilities commission is ordering pg&e to inspect its entire natural gas systems. we're live now with this story. >> reporter: well carolyn pg&e says it has gone through all the
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call records from the days leading up to this explosion and they have not found any record of anyone calling in to report the smell of gas here in this area before this fire broke out. one resident, though that we spoke to today said not only did me and other neighbors smell gas, they saw a pg&e worker out here on this very street two days before the explosion. >> the guy had a hat from pg&e. >> reporter: he was out on his morning walk when he says he noticed a pg&e worker on glenview drive the tuesday before the massive explosion. that day he and other neighbors also spoke about smelling gas in the area. >> i didn't call because the guy from pg&e was walking around and i'm like maybe he is doing something. >> reporter: he said the peg pg appeared to be using the same equipment a spokesman said crews use to detect a gas leak. >> a hand-held device like a wand and they sweep that device
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around the perimeter of a home or business or structure to look for indications of gas. >> i saw a guy from pg&e when i got up from my house that morning. he was checking something on the floor with something that bones. >> reporter: pg&e owns the pipeline that burst and investigators say the explosion launched a 28-foot section of that pipeline from 100 feet underground into the street. this is the pipeline now. soon on its way to wbc washington dc for forensic testing. >> we researched our records between september 1 and september 9th and don't have a record of a call being made for us to investigate a gas odor in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the mayor says there are so many a unanswered questions. >> i heard the same rumors. for me at this point in time they're just rumors. i haven't gotten any confirmation from pg&e there's
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any issues up there. >> reporter: as residents hope they head had a home to return to jose was one of the unlucky ones. his home is red-tagged. his roommate in the hospital with burns to his body. alvarado barely made it out alive. >> the face from the house there is, but three floors from behind, everything is gone. >> reporter: now he also told us that pg&e crews were out here working on this street, on the gasline in the months leading up to thursday's explosion. as for the state public utilities commission ordering pg&e to inspect the lines a pg&e president says he also is going to appoint an independent panel of experts to investigate exactly what caused this explosion to take place in the first place. live in san begun san bruno. >> carolyn: the ntsb has just begun its latest news briefing. let's listen in.
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>> i mentioned previously a 28-foot section of pipe that was blown out of the ground thrown 100 feet, and sitting on the street. that piece of pipe that 28-foot section of 30-inch pipe we are, as we speak, crating it up. putting it in a crate because the investigators have decided that needs to go back to our metallurgy labs in washington for study. so we are removing that piece of the pipe, putting that in place. in addition to that, the pieces adjacent to that piece on either end for about ten feet on either end, we cut those pieces away from the pipe today. we did excavation work through the night to excavate further cut those additional pieces of the pipe and those three pieces of pipe, the center 28 feet that blew away plus the ten or so feet on either side will be crated and returned to
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washington dc for detailed examination in our metallurgy lab. so we did that with the intent of completing the site work as soon as possible so that the infrastructure can be returned to normalcy, so the people can return to their houses. we hope -- >> carolyn: the ntsb vice-chairman, christopher hart. that 28-foot section of pipe is being sent to washington, dc for a much more thorough analysis, including ten inches on each end of the pipe still in the ground will be cut off and shipped to washington to the metallurgy lab there. we will have much more in the newscast, including residents who lost everything get something much-needed help. a berkeley couple is attacked walking blocks away from their home. >> it turned into a just horrific tragedy. >> carolyn: the accident that brought highway 101 to a virtual
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standstill almost all day today. >> the persistent onshore flow kept the clouds hugging the
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in >> carolyn: a huge mess on highway 101 along the peninsula today. for more than 12 hours drivers heading north and south were limited to a single lane while crews worked to clear a deadly head-on crash. a wrong-way driver smashed into an oncoming cor. the backup stretched for miles. investigators still have two lanes shut town in both directions and do not expect to open all lanes until
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6:00 tonight. robbers shot and killed a man overnight in berkeley as he and his fiancee were walking home from a party. it happened just before 4:00 this morning on the city's south side. police say one of the robbers shot the 34-year-old victim, the other punched his fiancee in the face. >> these are community members that were walking home from the party, in the early morning stroll some blocks from their house and it turned into a just horrific tragedy. >> carolyn: the robbers took off in a mid-size two-tone sports utility vehicle along ashby avenue. i berkeley police want to hear from you. >> one of three uc graduates helped captive in iran could be released in a few days. bail was set for half a million dollars and is expected to be posted by swiss diplomats
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because the u.s. government has no direct ties with iran. shore discovered a lump in her breast. her teen say shane, and their friend josh will remain in prison awaiting trial on charges of spying. >> putting silicon valley on the global stage. california leaders have plans to bring the world expo to the south bay. a cooldown is ahead. the forecast the guys who drive a heavy duty truck, have some heavy duty demands. like enough horsepower and torque to get out of just about any situation. ugh to bear up a max towing capacity that's over 10 tons.
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and a braking system tough enough to bring it all to a stop. heavy duty demands? gentlemen, your truck is ready. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million
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new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. >> the season premiere of "oprah." oprah: with john travolta. >> and -- oprah: i had no idea. >> ahh. >> plus, one of the biggest surprises in "oprah show" history. next "oprah." >> carolyn: governor schwarzenegger wants to bring the world expo to silicon valley. it would be held in 2020 at moffet field. the expo is expected to bring
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billions of dollars and thousands of jobs to silicon valley if it is chosen. organizers are not expected to name the host for the 2020 world expo until the end of 2012. so big hopes for california, the. lisa is here with a gorgeous weekend and a little change? >> lisa: yes. big cooldown and the trend is going to continue. we may be looking at rain by next weekend. we won't talk about that yet. we're going to leave that until later in the week when the models come in better agreement. right now we have a pretty good looking beginning to the week. a alive look outside 76 degrees on top of mount tam and didn't you notice the onshore flow? the persistent winds kept the temperatures from getting too warm. we're looking at some mild numbers in the inland valleys. we managed some low to mid-80s from antioch and fairfield, but
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even you folks were down from yesterday. 74 in fremont right now. a cool 59 degrees, san francisco with a west wind, half moon bay, 55. we did see the sunshine today. but look at the change. 24 hours ago we were 19 degrees warmer in santa rosa. so getting the northwest wind in the north bay. even our east bay valleys 10 degrees cooler in livermore and concord. the fog setting even further inland overnight tonight and that will keep the steady onshore wins with us tomorrow and the week ahead. so maybe up the coast and inland valleys should see the low 80s. we are talking perhaps north bay showers friday night into saturday. overnight lows tonight upper 40s for santa rosa. 53 in san rafael. and with the low clouds and fog temperatures uniform. so here is the big picture.
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notice the blanket of cloud cover from the north coast to southern california. and we will be looking at the low clouds and fog, not as tall as it could get, 2,000 feet and with the fluctuation, we look for the morning low clouds and fog and the inland valleys will be same with high temperatures in the mid-80s from time to time. so, in the south bay then 75, santa clara, not a lot of change from yesterday. peninsula, waking up to the clouds, 65 san mateo. cool here, afternoon peeks of the sunshine. your mild numbers continue in the north bay. 67 in oakland. inland couple 80s, and down by the monterey bay fog really moved in now so it's going to take a while to burn back tomorrow. the look aide -- look ahead calls for nice weather, and then
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increase in clouds on friday, and saturday and sunday, maybe some africas. >> carolyn: maybe we can hope that will change. >> lisa: i'm with you. >> carolyn: mike is here with a look ahead to sports. >> mike: bad news. our high hopes for the raiders and the niners took a big hit today. the raiders get hammered by the titans, and the 49ers are embarrassed in seattle.
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playoff. someone forget to tell the seahawks because the 49ers were sleeping in seattle. they were on the same page coming out of the tunnel but couldn't get in synch on the field. you have to score in these situations on the road. they were inside the ten three times and came away with six points. later in the second, after an interception the seahawks capitalize. seattle led 14-6 at the half. third quarter smith throws it behind michael crab triew. trufant returns it. the seahawks add to that. hassle beck to branch. an opening day death. 31-6 the final in seattle.
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raiders opening their season in tennessee and the titan mascot looks hundred tri. vince young completed 13 of his 17 passes, this one for 56 yards. to nate washington all alone. 7-4 lead. oakland's offensive line was awful. jason campbell spaked -- sacked four times. the raider defense held chris johnson to three yard on five carries but you new eventually he would find daylight. in the second to the house. in the second rough debut for campbell. 180 yards and this i.n.t. sets up another titan touchdown. a disaster for the raiders they fall 38-13. good news-bad news for the giants. bad news first. torres had an emergency appendectomy and will miss at least ten days.
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good news they beat the padres. an aggressive fashion statement in san diegobit by this giants fan. posey deep to right. see ya. number 13 for posey. 2-0 giants. to the 5th. 3-0. tim lincecum helping his own cause. just inside the third-base bag. and lincecum is back to his old self on the mound. struck out nine in seven innings and one-run ball. the giants tied for first place after the victory. baby girl's first ball game. the a's looking to sweep the red sox. bottom one a's adding on. the suzuki scores oakland takes the lead. the lead would evaporate in the 6th. lowell scores drew slides, just beats the throw home. a's fall 5-3. >> final round play of the bmw
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championship. dustin johnson sticks it. takes him to 9-under par. then on 18. he tap inside for the win. his fourth pga tour title. tiger woods did not make the cut, and the final of the u.s. open was rained out. >> carolyn: coming up next, people who lost nearly everything in the san
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>> carolyn: coming up in half an hour at 6:00, the ntsb just wrapped up its news conference on the explosion and fires. what investigators are asking of public. a week and a half after hp paid $2 billion it appears ready to buy another bay area company. for now san bruno families devastated by the gasline explosion shopped for free at old navy this morning. the store held a private shopping event for families who needed clothing. the red cross identified 100 families and gave them a $250 gift card to spend. they can also shop during regular store hours if they were not able to make it this morning. a nice gesture. that does it for us here at 5:00. thanks for joining us. see you back here in half an hour at 6:00.
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